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BE2557: LP Ruay Golden Self Image Rian with Signature Yant Behind Lp Ruay - Super Famous Wealth Rooster Master. “Ruay” In Thai also means "Rich" which is very auspicious to the wearer as its will bring wealth, riches and good luck. Size:5.5cm X 3.5cm Each Individual Pieces Comes Wrapped In High Quality Acrylic Waterproof Casing Temple: Wat Tako Info: LP Ruay strongly blessed this rian by himself after picking an auspicious day. In Thai,"Ruay" means Rich,which imply its will bring wealth and good luck to the worshippers and will get richer and richer, good luck and everything will be positive in life. Purpose: LP Ruay’s amulets are very famous and well known in Thailand because they have been proven to protect the wearer from harm. But why people like to wear LP Ruay’s amulets is for the many GREAT feedback for WEALTH, SUCCESS IN BUSINESS & GOOD FORTUNE!! Biography of LP Ruay: LP Ruay was born in BE2464 at Ayutthaya province. When LP Ruay was 16 years old, he was ordained as a Buddhist novice at Wat Tako. In BE2484, LP Ruay was ordained as Buddhist monk at Wat Tako by LP Chuen of Wat Phachee who was preceptor then. LP Ruay went to study the magic and meditation from many top monks such as LP Chuen of Wat Phachee, LP Jam of Wat Dangnuea and many other. Many devotees start to wear & collect Lp Ruay amulets was because they believed Lp Ruay’s amulets possessed very strong power especially for wealth and good luck. With his recent passing, prices of his amulets have started to sky rocket. Due to many requests, I’m letting go this rian @ a very affordable price. PM if interested

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