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Temple: Wat Mai Pin Kleaw Master: LP Sompong Year: 2557 Purpose for wearing: Change in luck Smooth sailing ⛵️ Good for business 💰 Unexpected windfalls Good for public relations ( Especially for people who do sales/ business ) Takrut comes with a very nice plastic casing coated in gold. Directly brought back from the well known Wat Mai Pin Kleaw. Time and effort spent to bring back such good stuffs. Personally re-blessed by LP SomPong himself upon seeing him. Viewers can take a look at 3rd picture. Those who know LP Som Pong, should be aware of his items being able to give people money. Regardless of 4D OR TOTO and most importantly business owners to have blooming business. Contact: 94577231(call) 92721405(whatsapp) OR Pm us for fast reply. For mailing kindly transfer to: POSB SAVINGS:198-67681-0 Self Collection or Mailing available. Mailing will be additional $4. *All items sold by us are definitely authentic from temples. If proven fake 101% full refund.* One Stop Amulets thanks all viewers for taking the time to read through.🙏🙏🙏 Company Reg No: 53274400D