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READY STOCK HOME WAXING - HARD WAX/ BEADED WAX/ PEARL WAX SET FOR HAIR REMOVAL Suitable for Arm Waxing, Leg Waxing, Underarm Waxing, Bikini Edge Waxing WAX MADE IN EUROPE Free Delivery PROMO PRICE $98.00 Usual Price $142.90 HOME WAXING SET CONSIST OF: - Pot Warmer (220v) x 1 (Retail.Price $108) - 200g Hard Wax (Retail.Price $25) Flavours Available: Honey/ Milk - 50pc Big Wooden Spatula (Retail.Price $9.90) WAX APPLICATION AND REMOVAL HOW TO USE: 1. After cleansing and oiling the skin, get a ball of wax on the end of your spatula and apply to the skin in the direction of hair growth, swirling back on yourself at the end to create a lip that you can then lift for removal. 2. For large areas (e.g. legs) or areas with sparse hair growth: strips are long and wide, and the wax is applied relatively thinly. The dried wax can be removed gently. 3. For sensitive areas, loose skin or when working over short, coarse or dense hair growth: strips are narrower and wax is applied thicker. Apply in smaller sections, and remove wax quickly and firmly. 4. In all cases: the edges of your wax need to be slightly thicker so that it doesn’t break when you come to remove it. 5. Use a medium-firm pressure with your spatula to ensure wax is pressed all the way down to the skin and coats every hair thoroughly. 6. You need only apply one layer of wax. 7. At the right temperature, most modern non-strip waxes take less than a minute to set. The surface of the hardened wax will go slightly dull and lose its stickiness, yet still remain pliable when it is ready to come off. 8. If the wax is gummy or stretches when you try to remove it, it needs longer to set – press the strip back down and wait another few seconds before trying again. 9. Be firm and fast when flicking up a corner to start your pull. [HIGHLY RECOMMENDED] POST WAX: Use essential oil to remove any wax residue while keeping the skin supple and to prevent ingrowns. THE GOLDEN RULES - Modern hard waxes are applied warm, not hot (37-45°C), and should have the consistency of golden syrup or thick paint when at the correct temperature. - Use a medium-firm pressure with your spatula to ensure wax is pressed all the way down to the skin. - The edges of your strip need to be slightly thicker to prevent it from breaking during removal. - The stronger and denser the hair, the thicker your layer of wax needs to be. - Use smaller, narrow strips (no wider than an inch) when working over sensitive areas, dense hair growth or loose skin. - Apply wax with the direction of hair growth and remove against. - Stretch the skin at every stage of application and removal.

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