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If the flame is a metaphor for love, then Playing with Fire is the white gauze for singed hands and seared hearts. A slow flicker at times, a wild dance at others, Taplin stokes the emotions with his usual verbal finesse. Unique to this collection is the story of Charlie Jones, told intermittently in post meridiem hours between smaller flares of poetry and prose. Falling in love has never been so easy, but neither has getting hurt. Taplin’s existential awareness burns throughout, reminding us that our pains and joys are not so different. His thought-provoking dialogues and brief poetic synopses will invite you to admire the human condition from fresh perspectives, teach you about letting go and new growth, and somehow manage to leave you feeling full even after you’ve been completely gutted. Playing with Fire will make the sap crackle from your veins, lift the burning leaves from your limbs in one hot breath, then let the ash fall on the top of your head, soft as snow. ok so these books from Beau Taplin (beautiful writer i swear) are like $17.50 AUD + $7.50 shipping each not kidding you can't get them from sg bookstores so no negos AND LOOK HOW THEY ARE SO AESTHETICALLY PLEASING can be insta famous already really beautiful pieces they resonate so greatly w me but the thing about poetry books are that they are meant to be understood then shared so pls fund me so i can buy more this book has 0 defects bc it was in the middle of the 3 i bought so beautiful inside out i treat my books w 100% love and care

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