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Being God's Friend (Paperback) – by C H Spurgeon Good Condition, Clean, Unmarked, foxed, comes with plastic book cover. Description - Does God have friends? Yes! To be called a friend of God is a great honor, but it is not just reserved for saints like Abraham or Moses. In this inspiring book, Spurgeon reveals God's complete love and commitment toward you, and how you can become His true and intimate friend through being devoted to Him and His ways. Amazon Book Reviews - 1) More Than Your Average Sermon -By A customer In his book "Being God's Friend," Charles Spurgeon boldly challenges the read to pursue a substantive relationship with the Lord. His message is direct and, at times, biting. Spurgeon is not afraid to challenge his readers to a high level of dedication and servanthood. Using themes like "The Obedience That Faith Produces," Spurgeon touches on issues that many ministers neglect. Although at times the reading is slightly tedious, modern day analogies and a skillful use of language and literary techniques give the reader an enjoyable reading experience, overall. Spurgeon relies heavily upon scripture, both from the Old and New Testaments. Several of Christ's most neglected (and crucial) teachings are highlighted. For instance, "If you love me, you will obey my commandments," is a teaching which is discussed broadly. For those who are seeking and intimate relationship with the Lord, "Being God's Friend" would be an excellent supplement to the Bible . 2) Excellent book! - By Amazon Customer Spurgeon has to easily be the greatest writer the Christian world has ever seen in modern times. If your desire is, like Abraham, to be called "The friend of God," read this book and prepare to never, ever be the same again!

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