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  • ahmad.mukhlis

    Great person to buy from! Sound quality is just boom bam tip top.. Definitely the one to use to block out unnecessary noise. Did not regret ditching iPhone earpiece for this..

  • goldmine2602

    Price still can be negotiated?


    @goldmine2602 hey buddy! Send me a message and we can discuss! :) I do have a limited promotion going on. :D

Best Budget Earphones/IEMs


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We encourage users purchasing high-value items to meet and verify their purchases at a safe place. — Carousell Admin


Hello there!! Thanks for checking out my post, please tap on the "read more" and spend some time to read what I have to say. (2-3 Minutes) *IMPORTANT* Authentic | KZ Certified Are you looking for pair of earphones with high quality sound like Shure, Klipsch or Marshall yet unwilling to fork out the $100+? 💸💸💸 Well I've got good news for you! This is way cheaper and perhaps better! But wait....why buy from me? Read on ;) Introducing the KZ ZS3 : • NEAR ABSOLUTE SOUND ISOLATION • Single Dynamic Driver • Vocal-Oriented compared to ZST(Bass Oriented) and ATE(Balanced) • Sleek Scratch-Resistant Design with Reflective Letters ( Aesthetics : 9.5/10 ) 👍🏻 👍🏻 • Comfort Ensured • Budget High-End Earphones(if that makes any sense) • Unreal Clarity while maintaining a comfortable punchy Bass. (More Bass than both SE215 & SE425) • Ratings 9.5/10 (Shure SE215 is a 8/10) Online Article : • Powerful Warranty ✔️ • Demo/Try-Out Available (No Obligation to purchase) ✔️ • Expensive shipping to ensure stocks are in as soon as possible.✔️ • Best After-Service provided ✔ • Excellent Customer Service ✔️ • Value Added Company ✔️ LaxusAudio™ Promises : • We replace defects ASAP, no questions asked • Personal Delivery to ANY MRT with free 10 mins of audio consultancy if you are interested.(if your place is very near MRT and convenient. Can make exceptions :D) • We can deliver at any time of the day, most convenient for you! • 3 Months Warranty, Only for Defects (Sorry :( , wish We could do more) MISSION : To bring to you the best listening experience at an affordable price. :) ( I truly believe in my product in being the perfect medium to accomplish my mission) SO HERE'S THE QUESTION I GET THE MOST : IF IT IS SO GOOD WHY WOULD IT BE SO AFFORDABLE? • It all boils down to marketing and exclusivity. What you are paying for is the material. Compared to purchasing a pair of Beats(which are total crap btw) where 90% of the money paid goes to endorsement and marketing stunts, when you buy KZ ZS3 what you pay for is 100% Material and Craftsmanship(well not really since its mass produced)😂 HAVE SOME EXTRA CASH OR JUST LOOKING TO ~UPGRADE~ PIMP UP YOUR EARPHONES? • Top up $5 for Limited Edition Carbon Fibre Case! • Top-Up $15 for Silver Plate Cables that will boost your listening experience while pimping the aesthetics! 😎 WHY is ZS3 "FLAGSHIP" ? • I personally tried all of Knowledge Zenith's products even the exclusive ones that you can't buy locally and after chatting with some of the employees at KZ's Factory we all came to common consensus that the ZS3 is the most successful product up till now. (Yes, even ZS5) Therefore it deserves to be KZ's "flagship" model 👊🏻👊🏻 I believe that life is very fast paced especially here in Singapore. Sometimes you just have to wind down and listen to some good music. Laxus Audio brings you the best experience! After all , Laxus = Relax in Latin. Music is for relaxation😄 *FEEL FREE TO ASK MY ANY QUESTIONS REGARDING AUDIO, WILL BE MORE THAN WILLING TO HELP* Tags : #Earphone,#Beats,#Shure,#JBL,#Klipsch,#IEM,#Dynamic,#Budget,#Quality,Audiophile,#Bass,#KZ,#ZS3,#Mmcx,#Custom,



Noise Cancelling, Wired, Surround Sound, For Sports And Fitness, For Audiophiles

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