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Hey guys!! In able to boost your Clash Royale account if you play it on your iPhone/ iPad. (Android also can) Payments to be made via bank transfer (Pm me for more info) If you don't have a bank account, you can cash deposit at an ATM into my bank acc If both can't, gift card payment is allowed :) About me : Experienced Clash Royale player, clashing in the leagues (4k+ trophies) I will boost you first before you pay me :) I'll message you when playing your account, do not log in into your account while I'm playing to avoid 'Another device is connecting...' error Can I be trusted? Yes, of course, I will boost you first and afterwards, you can pay. I trust all of my customers :) So far everyone I boost have reach their desired trophies :) Everyone is satisfied :) Promise you, amongst best boosting services on carousell!! Why choose me to boost? I will boost you within the day I will be extremely truthful with you. If I don't think I can reach your desired trophy count with your card levels, I won't boost. I will not put your account at risk of dropping trophies (Some of my customers told me other boosters make promises they can't keep. They see the card levels, they say they can boost and later on they say not possible after dropping their trophies) My boost is guaranteed 100% satisfaction guaranteed :) #ClashOn!! :) Pm me now!!

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