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Feed your fries with brine shrimp and watch them grow healthily! I do not use blood worm anymore because they have parasites and bacteria that will cause your fish to have internal worms (hard to detect) Baby brine shrimp is 100% CLEAN, so rest assured your livestock will grow healthy. ANY FISH would eat them too :) because they are highest in protein and nutrition! (selling in egg form) you have to hatch it yourself, so as to retain higher nutritional value. How to hatch: 1. Add aquarium salt to the hatchery 2. Use a air pump (lots of aeration, the stronger the aeration, the faster the hatch) 3. Add just a teaspoon of brine shrimp eggs 4. Wait 24-48 hours. 5. Brine shrimp is now hatched, sift out using a fine net, so that you do not use the salt water 6. Feed them to your fishes! Price: $10 for 5grams Location: Bedok Reservoir #aquaticplants #aquarium #tank #dennerle #seachem #tropica #aquascape #eheim #fishtank #aquarium #waterplants #cryptocoryne #brineshrimp #bbs #babybrineshrimp

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