🏆Sad to see so many FAKE capacity batteries in the market. Original PSP Charger & Batteries - Please Read The Warning Below About Fake Batteries!


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1 battery for 19.90 1 charger for 19.90 Sells out very quickly so please be quick. Last batch sold out in 3 days. Sold 670++ pieces alr! :) Special promo for first 50 customers!! Current count = 43/50 Charger + Battery = 34.90 (you save $5!) (Original price 40!!) New and improved batch of batteries!! Lasts at least 5 hours ++ For PSP 1000, 2000, 3000 variants 1200mah REAL capacity. (Please read on so you don't get scammed by other sellers) Built with custom integrated circuit!! Controls voltage better, will prevent overcharge, surge and etc! Personally tested! These batteries last much longer than those labeled with "2400mah or 3600mah battery pack", those packaged in orange AND those labeled "BLACKHORNS". P.S. those are not real capacities How do I know? I got them before and they didn't last Trust me, do not get those. Some unscrupulous seller sells them for 16 dollars or so. They will shut down halfway while playing. (The orange packaging battery will NEVER BE ABLE TO WORK AGAIN once charged full or when drained completely) Trust me I've tested and opened them all up. Threw those lousy batteries away. Open them up and you'll find that their battery doesn't even fill up the battery casing. Is it even possible that the battery could be so small yet so dense such that its 3600Mah? The average smartphone's battery is about 2600Mah. Look how big it is. DO NOT GET SCAMMED BY UNSCRUPULOUS SELLERS. Invest in high quality ones and increase your playtime First charge instructions: Charge it until the orange light goes off or goes green Do not unplug it before that. Great for using it in camp, while doing guard duty or on flights due to excellent playtime ========================== 3 years ago, I was fed up with not having a long playtime and a long lasting battery for my PSP. Ordered a few in the market & qoo10 but they were ridiculously bad. Batteries were out of production since PSPs were being discontinued. Angry with the marketplace having such bad quality batteries and spending $35+ in the process, I went on a mission to source for a good battery. So I ordered batteries from what I thought was a reliable source, they were bad quality and similar to what the marketplace batteries are. The next thing I did was to throw the entire batch away. Costing me another few hundred dollars. Finally, after a long search I got a supplier in China who was manufacturing true battery capacities PSP batteries in low quantities but they were expensive as each PCB was custom made specially for PSP batteries. These were excellent PCBs with overcharge protection and current control. And they had a quality as good as original. So I got them in bulk and started liasing with them. So 3 years later, after many overseas trips I'm still using these batteries from the same manufacturer for my PSP. And this is the same battery from the same manufacturer you are looking at right now. Sony PSP Battery for PSP 2000, 3000 Techwonder #paylahaccepted

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