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1 for $7.90 Version 2 New cable improves on previous design by thickening the cables! Look at the third photo for evidence of the cable difference. Brand new and sealed! Can be used to charge and play at the same time. Charging and file transfer! 2 in 1 package. Make good purchase decisions and get a cable which has both charging and data transfer capabilities. The best quality is what you deserve to get! Connect your PSP to your portable charger! Especially useful if you're using your PSP when you're travelling or in camp. Even during outfield! Cable is thick such that there's low resistance when charging your PSP. So battery power is used to charge your PSP, not lost as heat. Just connect a portable charger using the USB head and you'll be charging your PSP in no time! Any queries feel free to PM! -Techwonder #paylahaccepted

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