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Beware of fake sandisk ultra a1 microsd cards!




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Beware of fake micro sd cards! If you search for micro sd cards, there are many fake listings in carouhell. If you ask seller why so cheap, they will give stories like card is a slower version. If ask about warranty in case cannot work, they will promise you the whole world, but block you after you are scammed. Having high ratings does not mean seller is trustworthy. If you make offer to buy and seller doesnt accept, you cannot leave a bad review. To be safe, follow these guidelines: 1) If it is too cheap, it is fake. the cheapest legitimate 256GB samsung made in korea/philippines are about $40 in qoo10. If you bought for $20, it is fake 2) Avoid unknown brands or any black colored cards 3) Real Samsung cards have white corners. Fake ones have black corners. 4) Sandisk A1 (half red and gray card) MUST have the word A1 on packaging. The capacity printed on the box must not look tall/stretched. Do not buy Sandisk ultra (red/gray) which says uhs1 without A1 marking on card. That is most likely a fake because older ultra do not have uhs1 marking. Sandisk A1 will show 100MB/s on their 128gb and 256gb card, not 80MB/s. Smaller capacities like 64gb and 32gb will show 80MB/s not 48MB/s 5) Avoid buying "kingston" since it is all black and has most fakes 6) Fake kingston has glossy white font. Genuine ones are matte font. 7) Avoid buying white-orange samsung which does not have a thick black line in the middle. That is an older model which has a lot of fakes. Red white samsung are generally safer. 8) fake cards have weird capacity when you put in PC. 32GB appears as more than 30GB, 64GB appears as more than 60GB and 128GB appears as 125GB. 256GB appears as 249GB Real cards are lower than those values, about 28GB, 59GB, 119GB and 238GB respectively. 9) Fake cards have no problems copying files into it. the problem comes when you try to open the first file you copied, you get read error or your pc hang. 10) Fake cards are extremely slow (1~5MB) when copying files. Even the cheapest legit card can copy at 10MB/s 11) Fake cards have CE marking at the back. 12) Some fake cards have Made in Taiwan marking on card itself. Real cards will show country on back packaging. 13) As of October 2019, 1TB is the biggest size that cost over $200. If you see anyone selling: 128gb for $10, 256gb for $20, 1TB for $50, they are fake Genuine local cards from online platforms with warranty are NOT EXPENSIVE, about $10 for 32GB, $13 for 64GB and $20 for 128GB. Genuine local cards have WARRANTY STICKER pasted on them. If you suspect you have a fake card, test using this quick software. Real 128GB cards can complete test in 1min. fake cards cannot complete the test If you are scammed, and seller doesnt respond, feel that hatred and curse the seller so that he will die early!

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Very punctual. Thanks for the smooth and fuss-free deal.