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    For me , thee part of not hving data outside is actually quite common for some ppl , because im one of them too . So everytime, i will use sms :) because not guarenteed that places we meet will hv wireless@sg , sometimes we cant even connect to it ! :) however , definetely understand that u dont give phone number to strangers thats why you cant deal with him , not contacting buyer while meeting up will really feel unsafe😂

Beware of this Buyer Ranting: "Data-less" Guy Who Wants Immediate Meeting. Was this for real or a time-waster?


1 year ago by beeseegirl




Beware! This seemed like a decent "buyer" with 10 positive feedback. But don't let that fool you. Like a dramatic soap opera, this buyer has lots of twist and turns which you will discover as you interact with him. He was a sh*t full of surprises too. Such as wanting to meet within hours the moment he initiates each chat with you too. #1: First chat on 28 June. His requirement was he wants to check if the camera case I am selling fits during meet-up before buying. Actually, it's measurements are already in my post. One of those buyers who does not read the information already written there. Fair enough. I agreed. (Actually, I will also ask to check before buying too. But as this guy's really flawed, this may just be one of his many tricks) #2: I informed him of my preferred meeting place and time. In order to reserve item and confirm the meeting, I asked for an offer and phone number just in case there is a need for pre-meeting communication. No such offer and contact details were forthcoming from him. #3: Instead, he asked where I am staying and wanted to meet immediately (It was already 7:44pm at that time). Which seller on earth will be ready to meet a buyer within 1.5 hours of their first chat? Of course not me! I ignored this weird and unreasonable request. #4: He re-initiated conversation again two days later, i.e. yesterday, 30 June 2017. I was actually happy that he may have made up his mind. I may be able to close the deal and earn some $$!! Yay!! Again, I had to ask for an offer and contact detail to reserve item and confirm meeting. Instead, he asked for lower price. Alright, I didn't mind that but wanted his assurance that he will really buy it this time as he initially said he will only pay if it fits. He replied that all Casio Exilim cameras are the same (He probably took those few silent days just to find that out). Okay. I'm clearing space at home anyway. If he wants to buy it, I am cool. #5: Straightaway, he made an offer before I even replied/agree to the lower price. Told me the time to meet. Okay. I am *still* cool with it. I informed him where to meet. #6: Surprise! Surprise! He said he doesn't have Internet access when outdoors (He wrote: "I don't hav(e) (Inter)net outside (a)n(d) I cannot teach (reach) (yo)u but through sms hand phone only"). I prefer communicating via Carousell's Inbox and told him so. (For personal protection, I do not give out my phone number to strangers.) No data in this day and age? WTF?! Whatever! Even if this is the real situation he was in, every youth (student) and adult would probably know Wireless@SG exists in some public areas. Most of the shopping malls have free WiFi too. All of which are available at the shopping mall near where we were supposed to meet. Do I need to teach him about this? Dealing with him was so much work! Dayum!! #7: Although he said it was my choice to call/SMS him if needed, any seller meeting a potential buyer will feel insecure if she/he is unable to reach the buyer during the meeting. In this case, my preferred method of communicating was not possible. This freaked me out. What if the number given to me was fake? What shall I do if he doesn't show up? Call me paranoid, I rather play it safe. #8: Since we can't have consensus on how to communicate during our meeting, I called off the deal. I reserve the right to cancel any deal if I feel uncomfortable and doubt any potential buyer's sincerity in meeting. Still, I apologized as it's my principle and responsibility as I initiated the cancellation. #8: Rejected his offer as I am in no mood of ruining other people's profile although I can be honest about it. Plus, he will probably think he did no wrong and retaliate anyway by ruining my hard-earned positive feedback. It is tough getting 100% positive reviews from all my buyers and sellers. Although he was also cool about the cancellation. I still have my suspicions on his sincerity in closing this deal. Hence, this rant is to alert the rest of you to be careful of this so-called "buyer". I'm being professional about this and have removed his contact number and not disclosing his User ID. You know who you are!! Please understand I was almost heading out this hot afternoon to meet him when he dropped this "no Internet outside but contactable by phone or SMS" bomb. With those earlier antics from him, I really don't know if this person is really sincere in buying, let alone going to honor the promise to meet me. I can't imagine what would have happened if I really went out that night when he first interacted with me and asked to meet. Carousell is about trust and being understanding. A person who contacts others and shuffles around is likely to be misunderstood for being a time-waster. Those who gives out one trick after another are just ruining the Carousell experience. Gosh, it's just a SGD6 stuff which you bargained to SGD5 and still gave me all kinds of strange stuff. I'm just a student clearing stuff and earn tiny bits of pocket money at the same time. Why do you have to give me false hope? Or is this a cheap trick to get a girl's phone number? (Hey, that may be possible, right?) I wonder. Although I offered my apologies (more than once), it is just me being polite and professional for making the cancellation. It does not mean that I find his conduct acceptable. So fellow sisters, please take note of this kind of strange "buyer". When in doubt, never hesitate to reject the offer and call off the meeting. Keep evidence of the chat if these kind of "buyers" come back to haunt you, block them and report their bullying to Carousell's administrator. Protect yourself and the other sellers he would be preying upon in future. Thank you for reading this first ever bitchin' rant from me. I hope this will be my first and only ranting. Is it too much to ask for a smooth and happy sale? By the way, if you are this kind of so-called "buyer", please don't waste your time chatting with me. I will *not* deal and sell anything to you. UPDATE: I also appreciate fellow Carousellers who took the effort to send me words of encouragement and shared similar bad experiences with time-wasters, no-shows and perverts with me. It is this "sisterhood" and "brotherhood" of coming together to fight these minority that makes Carousell safe for all of us. A big thank you to all of you! Like a ray of sunlight on a cloudy day, you have reached out to me although you do not know me.

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