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BICEPS BUILDER IMPROVE VERSION FOR MUSCULAR SIZE AND STRENGTH ARM BLASTER You only need to buy one piece and you're good for life! Price for ARM BLASTER Improve Version - $39.90 per piece. Bundle Price for ARM BLASTER Improve Version ($39.90) + FAT GRIPZ ($25) - $60 per set **Brand new In stocks This is the latest updated improve version of ARM BLASTER: Real Pictures Attached 1) Rounded at both end. 2) Strap is Velcro which is adjustable. 3) Strap is NOT the riveted type which is broken easily. 4) Made of thick Aluminum Alloy not steel hence lighter and portable. Please check for colors available. Black : In stocks Red : In stocks Grey : In stocks (new color) White : In stocks (new color) Yellow : In stocks (new color) Size: One size fits all Features: Material: Constructed with thick aluminum alloy. Light and durable and portable. Material: Adjustable strap made of webbed nylon with Velcro belt. Material: Neoprene neck pad for added comfort. Size: 61 * 10cm / 24 * 3.9in Thickness: 5mm Weight: 798g / 1.76lb per box. More info on ARM BLASTER: BUILD BIG OR BIGGER BICEPS AND STRENGTH - Can’t get Big Biceps? Try working your Biceps with this ARM BLASTER. Guess you have seen on many videos or told by fitness instructors, professionals, countless time NOT TO used ROCKING, MOMENTUM or SWING the weight out of the bottom position, you are robbing yourself of the type of powerful contraction it takes to ignite muscle growth. Let ARM BLASTER helps you to eliminate this problem of MOVEMENT once and for all, with a one-time purchase with just a fraction of your one month proteins and supplements buying. Do and use what the professionals do. Arnold Schwarzenegger, 7 times Mr.Olympia used this ARM BLASTER to bring up his biceps to take home the big crown. Take your biceps training to the NEXT level with this ARM BLASTER! It is designed to contour around your body in order to allow your arms to be isolated when curling while locking the elbow and back in position. ARM BLASTER helps your elbow stay in one position in front of your HIP when doing any form of curling movements. ARM BLASTER better isolates your biceps when doing any form of curling movements. ARM BLASTER eliminates all sorts of momentum when curling, thus MAXIMUM emphasis will be on your biceps. ARM BLASTER makes your biceps workouts more efficient and powerful, train harder with less time. ARM BLASTER have neck & elbow pad for supported comfort. How to use? Simply strap the harness over your head and behind your neck and adjust its length that best suits you and you're ready to curl. REVERSE BARBELL CURL, ZOTTMAN CURL, DUMBBELL HAMMER CURL, CROSS-BODY HAMMER CURL, DUMBBELL BICEPS CURL, BARBELL BICEPS CURL, OPEN-GRIP CURL, 21’S ETC… FAT GRIPZ FOR BIGGER ARM FAT BAR CURL or FAT GRIPZ TO MAXIMUM YOUR ARM WORKOUT BUILD ARM SIZE AND STRENGTH - FAT GRIPZ will help you build bigger, stronger arms. With stronger arms, you can lift heavier weights. Can’t get Big Arms? Try working your Forearms with FAT GRIPZ. For more information, there is nothing better than some reviews here: DON’T STOP SHORT, STRETCH IT. **DO THE FULL RANGE OF MOTION. Helps every rep with biceps fully lengthened to get the most out of every precious set. As for stretching, it helps lengthen the biceps, which is important because the longer the muscle; the larger it will be when contracted. It also helps bring more blood to the muscle placing more pressure or growth stimulus on it. WATCH THIS: Due to the size and length of this equipment, it is only: - Self Collection at Yishun around Blk 335 (Date and Timing to be arrange) ** Do not ask to meet up at any MRT STATIONS. - By Courier service $8, which can be arrange by us or you can arrange for yourself (recommended). Tags: Gym, home gym, weights, dumb bell, dumbell, dumbbell, bar bell, barbell, body building, bodybuilding, abs, curl, leg curl, arm curl, hamstring curl, bench press, weight, workout, delivery, gym ,fitness ,membership ,dumbbell, kettle ,barbell ,bench press, abs, legcurl ,armcurl, muscle, hamstring, bodybuilder, weight, pullupbar, gymboxxx, fitnessfirst, fbt, shorts, arm, powerlifting, weightlifting, calisthenics, dip, push up, pull up, squat bench, deadlift, press, overhead, shoulders triceps, abs, curls, beach, forearms, home, whey, protein, mass gainer, creatine, BCAA, glutamine, fitness Crossfit, belt Myprotein, shredded, bpi, optimum, nutrition, iron, nutrifirst, musclepharm, muscle up, marathon, sundown, standard charted, gold,42km, Zumba, yoga, foam, roller, bar, strength, arm blaster, biceps builder, fat gripz, grip