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Bike Silver Balance Learner Bike for Kids Children Silver and Black 2 wheelers School holiday promotion


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Balance Learner Bike for Kids Children Silver and Black 2 wheelers This Bikes do not have training wheels and pedals to get in the way, so children learn the important first step in riding a Balance Learner Bike – BALANCE 1 piece: $45.00 Please check for colors available. Black : In stocks Silver : In stocks ** This are all new but may have minor scratches and scuffs due to shipping when imported. Take a look at this VIDEO to watch just how differently kids ride a balance bike vs. training wheels. Due to the size and length of this equipment, it is only: - Self Collection at Yishun around Blk 335 (Date and Timing to be arrange) ** Do not ask to meet up at any MRT STATIONS. - By Courier service $8, which can be arrange by us or you can arrange for yourself (recommended). - * Please don't ask questions in the comments because my notifications are flooded every day, - P.S: Please be patient with our replies. - Due to overwhelming orders, we might take up to 48 hrs to reply your enquires. - Do check out my other listings! *Why a Balance Learner Bike* A balance bike is a two-wheeled pedal-less bike that teaches kids as young as 18-months to balance on two wheels. After a brief learning period, toddlers and kids learn to ride, jump and coast on their bikes with no assistance from their parents. Balance bikes are a replacement for tricycles and training wheels as they are designed to be used during the ages that a child would typically ride a tricycle or use training wheels. With the skills learned from a balance bike, riders as young as 3 years old transition straight to a regular kids bike without the assistance of training wheels. Balance bikes ride like regular bikes and don’t get stuck on uneven surfaces, easily gliding over rocks, dirt, curbs and even jumps. *Why a No Pedal Bike* As parents, we want to share and pass on this passion to the next generation by providing children the best no pedal bike possible. A Balance Learner Bike is a no pedal bike alternative to tricycles and training wheels as your child’s first bike. A no pedal bike allows your child to focus entirely on improving their BALANCE by taking the pedals out of the equation. Your child has the confidence of being able to touch the ground as they learn to ride. *Lightweight and Strong* This Balance Learner Bike lightweight design makes our bikes extremely easy to handle and maneuver. Giving your child the confidence to truly take ownership of their first bike. Utilizing sealed airless tyres and sealed bearings our bikes, are tough enough to survive anything your child can throw at it and will stay rust free wherever your child chooses to leave it for the night. *Engineered for Fun* This stylish lightweight Balance Learner Bike is featured with plastic rims makes it possible for your kids to pretend riding a bike while walking or running. Your child will develop important skills such as balance, coordination, and steering, while also building strength and motor skills which can help him able to switch to a pedal bike without training wheels, while providing tonnes of fun, entertainment and good times along the way. To function properly, a balance bicycle must be small enough that the rider can walk the bicycle while sitting comfortably in the saddle, putting both feet flat on the ground. The rider first walks the bicycle while standing over the saddle, then while sitting in the saddle. Eventually, the rider feels comfortable enough to run and "scoot" while riding the bicycle, then to lift both feet off the ground and cruise while balancing on the two wheels. *What’s wrong with a tricycle? * Balance bikes are much safer and more practical than tricycles and training wheels. With three wheels, tricycles are slow, awkward to maneuver, and easily tip on uneven or angled surfaces. On a balance bike, children are focused on balancing, rather than pedaling. As a result, they are more prepared for an unexpected loss in balance and are much less likely to fall. Toddlers can also walk or run for several miles on a balance bike, but can rarely make it to the end of a block on a tricycle. Tricycles are simply too inefficient for kids to ride long distances Training wheels significantly delay a child’s ability and desire to ride a bike. Balance bikes teach toddlers and kids how to ride while balanced, whereas training wheels teach how to ride while unbalanced. Bikes with training wheels tilt to one side, creating a false sense of balance. In order to ride without the training wheels, a child must “unlearn” how to ride unbalanced and learn how to ride while balanced. On a balance bike, proper balancing techniques are learned from day one. One other thing to consider is that balance bikes are just more fun and much easier to ride than a bike with training wheels. Take a look at this VIDEO to watch just how differently kids ride a balance bike vs. training wheels. *Best Maintenance Free * With solid rubber tyres, the tyres will never go flat and offer more traction than foam tires. By far the easiest to assemble and without a handbrake (which often needs adjusting), this Balance bikes is maintenance- free, durable, and fun to ride. Features: • Seat height: +/- 23cm • Handle height : +/- 40cm ( Adjustable ) • Handle length : +/- 27cm • Length of bike : +/- 50cm • Suitable for Kids height 50cm to 80cm • Weight : 1.6Kg • Dimensions: 50cm x 27cm x 37cm • Solid rubber tyres • 5.5 inches diameter tires • Carry-friendly weight and ergonomics • High-quality material • Age : 2-4 years Package List: 1 piece Check out our KIDS SCOOTER here. CLICK HERE Check out the other 3 other ADJUSTABLE KNEE SUPPORTS in different level – BASIC, INTERMEDIATE, ADVANCED LEVEL to suit your knee support needs. 1) More info on BASIC LEVEL KNEE SUPPORT: Suitable for sports and rehabilitation. Basic to medium, support and protection. CLICK HERE 2) More info on INTERMEDIATE LEVEL KNEE SUPPORT: Suitable for sports and rehabilitation. Basic to medium, stronger support and protection. CLICK HERE : 3) More info on ADVANCED LEVEL KNEE SUPPORT: Suitable for old folk who need strong knee support in order to stand up and walk comfortably. Suitable for advanced sports and advanced rehabilitation. Full support and protection. CLICK HERE: Check out the other Two power accessories which definitely improve your biceps and arm workout to the next level. 1) More info on ARM BLASTER: BUILD BIG OR BIGGER BICEPS AND STRENGTH - Can’t get Big Biceps? Try working your Biceps with this ARM BLASTER. 2) FAT GRIPZ FOR BIGGER ARM FAT BAR CURL or FAT GRIPZ TO MAXIMUM YOUR ARM WORKOUT BUILD ARM SIZE AND STRENGTH - FAT GRIPZ will help you build bigger, stronger arms. With stronger arms, you can lift heavier weights. Can’t get Big Arms? Try working your Forearms with FAT GRIPZ. For more information, there is nothing better than some reviews here: Items posted is NEW not secondhand or used unless stated. - Cash transfer and internet transfer preferred. - No trade/refund/exchange - You get what you see. Please zoom in on pics. No low balling please. Thanks for viewing. - Wholesale enquiries welcome. - NO negotiations - We prefer postage as we barely have time for meet ups. *** NOT responsible for lost mail. *** Photo proof of mailing will be provided. Tags: Children Bike, Kids Bike, First Bike, Bicycle for Children, Balance Learner Bike for Kids, Children

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