Share This With Friends Rediscover a Firmed, Toned and Smoother Bust with an Ultra Efficient Formula to help Firm, Lift And Remodel your Bust! • Bio-essence Bust Firming Boosting Cream is an exclusive product that combines unique ingredients such as • Bio Mineral Amino Acid Essence and Bio-Energy Fluid together with active ingredients Volufiline™ and Phytrogen® from France, to stimulate blood and oxygen circulation around the breast area to enhance the absorption of nourishments and nutrients for the breast tissues. Day after day, skin is firmed, smoothed and revitalised. Efficient formula with Unique Ingredients! Volufiline: Designed to enhance the bust and curves of the body, VOLUFILINE helps to promote body volume with a lipofilling-like effect. Based on a natural plant extract that stimulates the differentiation and proliferation of adipocytes, and promote the storage of lipids, VOLUFILINE helps to enhance the volume of the fatty tissue- leading to a more voluminous and shapely figure Phytrogen: Formulated using natural plant extracts of pomegranate, soybean, angelicae etc, Phytrogen supplies Phytoestrogen for the healthy synthesis of collagen, leading to a firmer, and curvier bust line. Ideal for: • Unsatisfactory bust • Post-natal bust • Reduction in bust size due to menopause or sudden weight loss • Ladies who want to have firmer and suppler breasts with healthy pinkish areola and nipple • Ladies who desire to enhance their bust line

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