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Why Is Water Important To Us? The blood in our body consists 90% of water. The blood takes an important role that supplies oxygen, nutrition and minerals to each organ, and also carries the body wastes to the excretory organs. If it cannot dissolve the various matters, it also cannot do those things. Everyone knows the importance of water on ecosystem in the world. All creatures depend on water for living. The body, tissue and internal organs of all living organism consist of water, as well as it must keep on supplying the water because water can help physiological state and metabolism. Antioxidant Alkaline Stick SET According to the World Health Organization (WHO) about 80% of the human diseases are caused by water. In other words, cleaner water can save many patients from suffering. In short, water plays an important role in the life and aging, health and disease, and happiness and pain of human beings. Realizing its importance, Biocera suggests you the new paradigm of good water for the well-being of people worldwide Portable Alkaline Water Stick A new stick on the block that is way much more useful than the selfie stick. We at Biocera are proud to launch our antioxidant alkaline water stick that can improve the quality and mineral content of the water that one consumes and help them to restore their body pH. One look at our stick will make you wonder struck as it is sleek and stylish along with being compact and easy to carry. How to use? The Alkaline portable water stick is easy to use. The first step involves in cleansing the stick with clean water and rinsing it thoroughly. Secondly, fill the bottle with water and immerse the stick and after five to ten minutes, our master game changer mineral water stick has ionized water and made it mineral rich and also alkalized. Visible benefits Our Hydrogen stick detoxifies the body and flushes bad things out in no time. This alkalized water keeps one safe from life threatening diseases and aging woes. The abundant active hydrogen eliminates active oxygen free radical and keeps one safe from diseases like cancer, hormone imbalance etc. These handy hydrogen water sticks add supplementary minerals in the water and this helps one to fight disease causing germs with high immunity build up