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Start mining at and get a 3% off using the code "50QMP6" Hey guys! I have been using for 1 year plus already! It is one of the most trusted Cloud Mining Service Trusted by Over 500,000 people. Start mining at and get a 3% off using the code "50QMP6" How does Genesis Cloud Mining work? The idea of cloud mining is very simple. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on Bitcoin mining hardware, you can pay someone to lease their hardware and keep the profits to yourself. The company that rents out the miners takes care of the maintenance and all of the hassle of setting them up. However, you are required to pay a fee for their service but we’ll get to that in a minute. To begin with, I wanted to determine what’s the difference in the ROI (Return Over Investment) between cloud mining and “normal” Bitcoin mining. So should I mine Bitcoins at home instead? If you mine at home with the same hash rate at today’s difficulty you’d be making twice as much (according to our Bitcoin mining calculator). However, you will be paying for the hardware, cooling and maintenance for yourself. So it’s not safe to say that mining at home would be profitable as well. What are you waiting for? Start mining at and get a 3% off using the code "50QMP6" Tags: PLEASE IGNORE ALL THE TAGS BELOW! Gtx 1080 1070 1060 1050 1040 RX 360 280 260 HP MSI ASUS AMD MICROSOFT MINING FREE MONEY NO ELECTRICITY BILLS PROFIT HOME DISCOUNTED TRADE DRESS SCHOOL HOMEWORK PEN PENCILE ERASER WALLET CARD WALLET BAG WALLET APP FOR THE FILE PACK APP AND WALLET. NO ONE IS EVER GOING I NEED WANT ME A BAD APP FOR AND MY iphone HAS TO BE THE A GREAT APP PERSON 👍🏻 TO ME THE APP IS A GOOD 😊 APP AND TO USE THIS IS THE ONE APP I USE TO BE A THE BEST.