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BLACK LIST Bad experience with colourpop spree @epppzjigx








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It was my 1st colourpop spree, oh actually my first ever spree. Always had a negative impression of sprees, with dealers disappearing and what-not. But don't worry, that didn't happen to me. Mine just had a really bad attitude. @epppzjigx I've been on Carousell since 2013, I have become less active and I heard an increasing number of stories of Carouhell experiences. Well now this is mine, my first Carouhell experience. The first 2 images summarises what happened. Okay, I understand that technology may fail at points in time and result in miscomm, plus she did apologise via text. I met her 1 hour later, at a location nearer to her home as she needed to head back to retrieve the items. When I met her, she apologised to me about the packaging being crushed. And I'm totally okay with that, no biggie not her fault or anyth. But what was more glaring, was the lack of mention of the boo-boo that transpired before and a verbal apology. Tired, I thanked her and left with the items. I gave her an honest review with a factual account of what happened along with suggestions on how to prevent such a boo-boo from occurring. It was neutral, because I acknowledge that she did apologise via text. I just needed to share that this happened. Till now, it remains unedited. What was shocking, was her response. In a reply to her review she actually mentioned that I should also confirm with her with a 'hi meetup still on?'. If she read carefully, I actually included a conditional clause which says 'if u propose a time'. And that's the norm. A question begs for an answer, an answer does not necessarily beg for another answer. Furthermore, she said 'i acted all ok', well yes i was okay [even tho 1 hour of my time was wasted (i loitered at a mall for 1 hour) additional transport costs (from travelling back and forth)], plus she apologised -by text- HENCE I GAVE A NEUTRAL REVIEW. But now I'm not okay. She got all defensive saying she gets 10 over orders etc, um ok i think buyers are kinda scared to deal with her now cos she just displayed her potential to miss key messages and not take responsibility for them. The last straw was when she left a review on my page acting all altruistic using words like 'out of goodwill' 'no extra $ for handling'. Me making a 'big fuss'. My honest review was not a 'big fuss'. Yknow what's a 'big fuss'? This is a 'big fuss'. Coincidentally, my friend and i did our own direct order the day before so we calculated the rate to be 1.39. And we naturally expect that carousell spree dealers to include a buffer. Her rate was 1.5. That's 8% difference. I'm not whining about the amount of profit she made by being a middleman, but I am appalled she used words such as 'out of goodwill' etc to appear as a victim. Then she edited her review and said that currency rates change every sec, and that almost every seller 'literally' (yknow what kinda ppl use that word in an argument right) charges the same x1.5 + HANDLING FEES. Whoa whoa. Bad news for her, i did a temp stint at a remittance teller and I know currency rates dont fluctuate that much day-to-day. She makes money changers and remittance agents sound like saints cos they dont explicitly charge handling fees hahaha. Btw, i haven't found a colourpop spree dealer who charges handling fees has anyone found one yet??? [Not a promo but i actually went through another dealer svnflwrs 2 weeks later, she gave friendlier replies. We havent closed the deal yet as the items arent here still, but her rate was 1.48] Yah that's me making a 'big fuss' now. She's doing u a big favour by holding the colourpop sprees, go with her if u wanna feel indebted. Oh look the last ss, she just texted me while i was typing this. Watch out for this petty move. Now i'm ready to move on. #BLACKLIST

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very decisive buyer! had prompt replies and was punctual for meet up! :-) recommended!