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Rapoo H8060 wireless headphone ~ on-the-ear or supra-aural type headphone is bundled with a wireless USB transmitter that connects to any 3.5 mm audio jack to a PC, Mac, or even an RCA jack on common audio sources such as DVD, TV, and media players. This transmitter is paired with the headphone over 2.4 GHz radio frequency (RF). Dual antennas are said to ensure 360° reception. It boasts of anti-jamming capability, which essentially means that it will automatically select the best channel to avoid interference from other RF sources. There is also a 3.5 mm to USB cable bundled with the H8060 that cane be used when the device runs out of battery power. The range of the headset is mentioned as 10 m, which is sufficient for most purposes even if we halve it to a conservative estimate. Once fully charged in 2 hours, the in-built Li-Ion battery is said to last for up to 8 hours. It switches off automatically and saves battery power when it detects no link. The headset appears to be lightweight from the photos. Rapoo H8060 is available for Rs 5500, which is quite expensive. Reference website:

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