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Blackhead/Whitehead/Flawless/Poreless/Firming/Anti-acne/Purifying/Detox/Metabolism/ Anti-bacteria/soothing/sensitive/ blackmask/whitening/ tightening. DR DOUXI Active Carbon Deep Cleansing Peeling Mask Expiry:2020 BNIP


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Look your best with the Dr Douxi Deep Cleansing Mask Active carbon will suck out all the impurities and ready to be pull out once dry Achieve 5 benefits : deep cleansing/poreless/firming/anti-acne/flawless One of the strongest blackmask I have personally use compare to many products in the market even the all popular one from Taiwan endorse by Ella. Contains ingredient that even sensitive skin is suitable to use. Steps 1) cleanse face 2) warm face with warm water and dry face or apply sebum softener and cleanse skin 3) open a small hole on packaging and apply one mask thickness for whole face for active carbon to be effective, you can choose to apply on Tzone with half a packet 4) let it dry for 40 mins and peel from bottom upwards 5) wash and apply astringent toner Note: i hydrate n exfloliate twice a week. Strongest of them all.. wins biore, strawberry pack, the new black ella 我的心机, clay pore pack that remove my skin also, etude house, clay mask and charcoal mask. Alert: avoid side burn and eyebrow. If contact please so not pull by force it is washable. Even fine hair. Becos everybody got blackheads. This is the most powerful thing I have ever used in my life!!!! So powerful I thought it would be like other black gel mask I didn't pay attention to e part that gotten on my brows.. FREAK!! Pluck out my eyebrows!!! But it's really awesome.. it pluck everything from e whole face!!!!! No need threading alrdy.. it realli suck to the face.. n it's very elastic. It is painful but did not cause any irritation to my sensitive face. #blackheads #whiteheads #finehairs #smooth #crazy #acne #clean #imstillinshock This is different from shiseido mask in term of better strength and ingredient. (Beware as there are many imitation from China) This brand is a high end skincare brand use by alot of celebrities in Taiwan. Pricing on the higher side due to their ingredients and technology.

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