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  • shopperz.indulgence

    @fanboysfangirl oh my god! U waited 2 hours??! Hw were u so patient??? I shud hv read d feedback on her b4 dealing with her. Wud hv saved me so much of trouble. Y don't u go leave a feedback on her profile as well? So other sellers will stay clear of her. I left her a negative feedback. Don't want others to experience d same ting. Thnks so much 4 sharing ur experience wif me =)

  • therealbitchslut
    therealbitchslut i blacklisted her alr and we xchanged negative feedbacks

  • khione_

    Now thats really an irresponsible thing to do. I cant stand it. If it was me I would report her alr

Blacklisted Buyer No. 1


5 years ago by shopperz.indulgence




This buyer really wasted my time! She showed such a keen interest in d item that I agreed 2 sell her d bag at a much lower price. She even offered to transfer the funds for the item to reserve it when I told her d possible meet-up points & times cos she was not free to meet. Turned her down tinking to be a sincere buyer & asked her where she was living so that I could make it easier for her 2 get d item frm me. Told her to meet me at Tanah Merah station aft getting 2 noe that she lives @ Pasir Ris. She agreed. Gv her my no to msg me if she cld nt make it suddenly. Pm-ed her d night before 2 remind her & once again in d morning giving my hp no again asking her to msg me to confirm d meet-up. N she pm-ed me here a mere 30mins b4 d meet-up saying she can't make it! 30 mins before????!! Who does that?? It was bad enough tt she didn't have d courtesy to msg me on my mobile, she pms me @ d last min? N she gives me a lame reason saying that her hp was spoiled. N went MIA aft I sent her d msg abt being irresponsible. I even felt bad cos I thought I was being harsh wif her & I apologised 4 being harsh & asked her 2 msg me @ my hp if she was still keen on getting the item. It was then that I discovered that I wasn't d 1st person she did this to! N I felt so irritated all over again. Do not deal with this buyer! She will just be a waste of your time & cause u to lose sincere & genuine buyers who may have wanted d same item as her.

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warelinksend item fast,smooth and hussle free more
1 month ago
doryyBest trader I ever came across in carousell, I'm more
shopperz.indulgenceWow! Thnks for the awesome review babe. Hope to deal with u again. N I'm very glad that I cld make ur day dear! 😊😊😊
jokerlasiaGreat seller to deal with! Prompt delivery! Item more