Bluetooth Speaker Smart Music Flower Pot Colorful LED Night Light Touch Plant Piano Music Playing Creative Wireless Speaker for Home Office(Without Plants) Best Gift


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Product video : Description This smart music flower pot is a collection of entertainment,music,lighting function of the small pots. A good partner in your life and also the best choice for gifts!! Cautions: A. Different plants & soil water content will have different touch sensitivity.The Succulent Plant with thick, fleshy leaves will give a better performance of playing music. B. The material of this flowerpot is waterproof. But You need prepare a plate for water leaking in fare to dirty your desk. Instructions: 1:Remove the product and check if the product and accessories are complete. 2:Transplant your favorite plants in this flowerpot, give a small amount of water to keep soil wet. 3. 3-1 Play: Long press the POWER, Cue the stereo and go into the harp mode. Touching plants can be played on the piano. Click the NEXT to switch the song. 3-2 Bluetooth: In the shutdown state, long press the POWER, Wait until finish hint sound, light according to the mode switch button to enter the Bluetooth (Bluetooth name:K3) flashing blue lights when the Bluetooth pairing, successful matches the blue lights went out. When the music is played, the color atmosphere will flash with the rhythm, and the light will be switched off or the ambient light will be turned on. 3-3 Colorful light: The keys mode: Gently press the lights Turn on the light(including two kinds of warm light and seven colored breathing lamps), Click on the switch or turn off the night light again. Touch mode: Long press the light The green light flashed several times, Turn on the light touch function, The night light cad be switched or turned off by touching the plant. Once again, press the light button and the red light flashes a few times, which is to turn off the light touch function. Package: 1* Bluetooth Speaker,1* USB Charger,1* User Manual Click Add to Cart-Why not get a good partner in your life!