BN: Lavender or Chamomile Steam Warm Eye Mask - 10 pieces in a box


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Place the eye masks onto the eye area portion for at least 25 mins. When first start to use, one would feel a warm sensation around the eye portion areas, as it helps to lessen the eye muscles around it. The temperature is around 41degrees. The product can be worn during sleep time to promote peaceful and beautiful rest. Lavender steam eye masks: - Suitable for those person whom is using computers/phones for very long time; - Suitable for those person whose eyes tends to get tried easily; - Incorporate with Lavender Essential Oil inside, to promote beauty sleep Chamomile steam eye masks: - Suitable for those person whom always stay up late; - Suitable for those person whom spend long hours and tends to over-stretch the eye muscles; - Benefits: to lessen the eye muscle around the eyes; Top up additional 2$ for postage