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🆕Brand New in Box Motorcycle 12V Lead Acid Battery Smart Charger 🏪 I am also selling this on Qoo10 at $25 with free shipping. Please buy from there if you have coupon and code. 👉 ✅Suitable for charging your motorcycle battery after long period of inactivity (eg. long holiday) ✅Save ($30) money as you do not have to tow the motorcycle to workshop ✅May use this to charge up your battery first to test the battery before considering replacing it ✅Extremely useful for rider with multiple motorcycles ✅Can be used for charging new battery before using it for the first time to increase the lifespan Key Features 👍2A Charging rate 👍3 smart charging phases for optimal battery protection and charging 👍Led light to indicate full charge (Green = full, red = charging) 👍Reverse polarity protection 👍can charge battery of 12V3AH - 20AH 👍Power supply cable length = 80cm 👍Clip length = 40cm How to use 1. Remove battery from your motorcycle by removing the negative terminal first, followed by the positive terminal. 2. Charge the motorcycle 12v battery by connecting the red clip to the positive terminal of the battery and the black clip to the negative terminal of the battery. If you connect wrongly, the charger will not start the charging process to protect the battery due to reverse polarity protection feature of charger. 3. While charging, the LED light on the charge will be red. Upon attaining full charge, the LED light will turn green. 4. Remove the battery from the charger. 5. Connect the positive terminal first before connecting the negative terminal of the battery when you are fixing it back to your motorcycle. 💲 Accepting payment in Cash, DBS Paylah! App, Standard Chartered dash app or OCBC Pay Anyone Payment link for DBS Paylah! 👉 📲 You can also contact me via telegram. My nick is arcan3 ☺ Thanks for viewing. ☺

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Strictly No Meetup if the value is less than $15 as i got too many no shows and last minute cancellation in carousell. For weekday, self collection can be done strictly at: 9.30am-10.20am at aperia near Lavender mrt 2.50pm-3.15pm at aperia near Lavender mrt 5.45pm-6.15pm at aperia near Lavender mrt After 8pm at glad tidings church bus stop 534449. Weekend strictly at glad tidings church bus stop 534449. Pls Google for location. Location is near kovan. Inform me to book appointment.

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Qxpress or Singpost Smartpac Mail available at additional of $2