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ORIGINAL Dtangler Hair Brush ~ Regular size ~ Brand New in box, as pictured. Perfect size for home use, travel or as as gift. @ $15.70 # Dtangler™ is a patented design with bristles made especially to remove all knots from your hair, providing a pleasant hair brushing experience. Moreover, it makes your hair look smoother, healthier, and shinier! # Dtangler™ also offers a soft scalp massage with its soft bristles, which ushers in hair growth and creates an easy opening for blood flow, which helps with sensitive scalp and thin hair. # Dtangler™ preserves the volume of your hair by not breaking it, unlike traditional hairbrushes, which will tug and remove hair strands with each use! •Ergonomic Handle – Because traditional hairbrushes are a pain to use for long periods of time. •Intuitive Curvaceous Design – Comfortable to use and fits perfectly in your hand. Check out my other listings! TAGS crumpler herschel timbuk2 deuter tote duffel satchel backpack sleeve case tote coca cola coke pepsi tote sling haversack backpack bags handbag work lunch draw string makeup clinique kiehl's food storage carry purse body lips butter shea cleanser toner eye cream lotion perfume classic gift hello kitty soft toy plush kids tkiehl's clinique bodyshop faceshop shiseido nike adidas asics tiger onisuka reebok

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