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[Pls check stock availability at and cart out from there] [Books are all paperback version] PROMOTIONS 1. Free upgrade to courier for 6 books or more 2. Buy 9 books get 1 free. (Applicable to all picture books listings in my profile. Free book is a random title. You can request via chat but subject to availability) Note: For normal mail, Seller not liable for lost mail so opt for courier if worried 1. GUESS HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU (Sam McBratney) Synopsis: "Guess how much I love you," says Little Nutbrown Hare. Little Nutbrown Hare shows his daddy how much he loves him: as wide as he can reach and as far as he can hop. But Big Nutbrown Hare, who can reach farther and hop higher, loves him back just as much. Well then Little Nutbrown Hare loves him right up to the moon, but that's just halfway to Big Nutbrown Hare's love for him. Age guide: 3+ Our Review: A sweet book about love, your child will love the cute rabbit in the book. 2. YOU'RE ALL MY FAVORITES (Sam McBratney) Synopsis: Mummy and Daddy Bear reassure their three little bears that each is equally special. But the little bears start to wonder: do their differences mean one is loved less? After some love and affection, the bears are satisfied that they really are all their parents' favourites! Age guide: 2-5 years 3. ON MY POTTY (Leslie Patricelli) Synopsis: When you've got to go, you've got to go! But where? There comes a point in every toddler's life when the question must be raised - should I go in my potty? With pitch-perfect humour and pacing, Leslie Patricelli follows one baby's thoughts and hilarious actions as they learn to use the potty for the first time. Age guide: 2-4yo 4. CORDUROY (Don Freeman) Synopsis: Corduroy has been on the department store shelf for a long time. Yet as soon as Lisa sees him, she knows that he's the bear she's always wanted. Her mother, though, thinks he's a little shopworn-he's even missing a button! Still, Corduroy knows that with a bit of work, he can tidy himself up and be just the bear for Lisa. And where better to start than with a quick search through the department store for a new button! Other paperback titles are available! #childrenbooks #giftforchildren #sammcbratney #learningaboutlove #toilettraining #bears

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