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[Please check stock availability at and cart out from there] PROMOTIONS 1. Free upgrade to courier for 6 books or more 2. Buy 9 books get 1 free. (Applicable to all picture books listings in my profile. Free book is a random title. You can request via chat but subject to availability) Note: For normal postage, seller is not liable for lost mail so opt for courier if worried 1. CLOCKS AND MORE CLOCKS (Pat Hutchins) Synopsis: When the hall clock reads twenty minutes past four, the attic clock reads twenty-three minutes past four, the kitchen clock reads twenty-five minutes past four, and the bedroom clock reads twenty-six minutes past four, what should Mr. Higgins do? He can't tell which of his clocks tells the right time. He is in for a real surprise when the Clockmaker shows him that they are all correct! Age guide: 4 to 8 Our Review: Great book to have when you are teaching children about how to read clocks and the concept of time! 2. CHANTICLEER AND THE FOX ( Geoffrey Chaucer) Synopsis: King of the barnyard, Chanticleer struts about all day. When a fox bursts into his domain, dupes him into crowing, and then grabs him in a viselike grip, Chanticleer must do some quick thinking to save himself and his barnyard kingdom. Age guide: 4-8 years 3. FREIGHT TRAIN (Donald Crews) Synopsis: Red guard's van at the back. Orange petrol tanker next. Yellow grain hopper...A perfect book for introducing very young children to different colours and the concept of colour merging. The freight train moves along through tunnels, past cities, over bridges, in darkness and in daylight with its assorted multi-coloured cargo. As the train goes faster and faster the colours of the different trucks merge, until finally the whole train disappears. Widely considered a modern classic, Freight Train by Donald Crews was first published in 1978 and has sold over a million copies worldwide. Age guide: 2-4yo 4. HARRIS FINDS HIS FEET ( Catherine Rayner) Synopsis: Harris was a very small hare with very big feet. "Why do I have such enormous feet, Grandad?" he sighed. "All hares have big feet, young Harris," said Grandad. And so begins a beautiful and remarkable story about a child's journey to independence. With help from his grandfather, Harris learns how to use his enormous feet to hop high into the sky. He climbs to the tops of mountains and runs really fast until suddenly he is on his own. Gorgeous and highly imaginative watercolors illustrate how Harris not only learns about the world around him, but also discovers the importance of finding his own feet. From the author and illustrator of Augustus and His Smile, winner of one of Child Magazine's Best Children's Book Awards. Age guide: 3+ Other titles available: 1. Guess How Much I Love You 2. Duck on a Bike 3. Giraffes Can’t Dance 4. The Giving Tree 5. We’re Going on a Bear Hunt 6. From Head to Toe 7. 1, 2, 3 to the Zoo 8. The Gruffalo 9. The Gruffalo’s Child 10. The Alphabet Tree 11. Clocks and More Clocks 12. Little Cloud 13. Courage 14. Swimmy 15. Friends 16. On My Potty 17. Silly Sally 18. Bringing Down the Moon 19. Duck in the truck 20. Each Peach Pear Plum 21. On Market Street 22. If You Give Pig a Pancake 23. Tiger Who Came to Tea 24. The Mitten 25. Freight Train 26. The Tunnel 27. Marvin Wanted More 28. Mama Do You Love Me 29. Secret Birthday Message 30. If You Give Mouse Cookie 31. Look What I've Got! 32. Kipper's A to Z 33. Library Lion 34. Diary of a Spider 35. The Rat and the Tiger 36. The Very Hungry Caterpillar 37. The Snowman 38. Happy Birthday, Moon 39. You are all my favourites 40. Diary of a worm 41. Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you see 42. Chanticleer and the Fox 43. Baby Bear Baby Bear what do you see 44. The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig 45. Harris Finds His Feet 46. Willy the Champ More titles coming!

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