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BN: RUNVE AR-999 5-in-1 Skin Rejuvenator 顶级多功能导入仪 (贝思得超音波治疗仪) Selling $100! If fast deal $88! (Please ignore BUMP PRICE)


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Key Specifications Vibration cleansing to remove dead skin cellsDeep cleansing to clean blocked poresSkin rejuvenation to improve skincare nutrition absorptionIntermittent patting to stimulate blood circulation & collagen production What's in the box? 1 x RUNVE 5-in-1 Skin Rejuvenator 1 x Taiwan Plug voltage 110-240 1 x Plastic attachment for Cotton 1 x Tranditional Chinese Instruction Manual Features: Brand: Runve Size (L x W x H) : 6 x 10 x 15 Weight : 0.30 Skin Type : Combination Uses & Properties : Vibration Cleaning: Remove dead skin cells Deep Cleansing: Clean blocked pores Skin Rejuvenation: Improve absorption of skincare nutrition Intermittent Patting: Stimulate blood circulation & collagen production Warranty type : No Warranty Product Description Time, the Sun, aging, smoking and environmental factors all take their toll on our skin. RUNVE Skin Rejuvenator (5-in-1) is a multi-functional handheld beauty device, rejuvenating your skin’s appearance, bringing back your once youthful glow. Vibration Cleaning The first step to skin care is an effective skin cleaning, because makeup, cosmetics, dirt and oily secretions cause clogging of our skin pores, which in turn causes enlarged skin pores, black heads and pimples, also affects the absorption of skin care nutrients. Skin Rejuvenator (5-in-1) provides the most effective cleansing with its advanced vibration massaging technique. It removes dead cells, opens up skin pores, and clear away makeup residues and oily secretions. Step 1. Put a sheet of facial cotton. Step 2. Fix with Securing Ring. Step 3. Apply cleansing milk. Step 4. Start cleaning. Ionizing cleansing Evidence shows that ionizers clean the air of dust, molds, bacteria, soot, pollen and household odors. Using Corona Discharge theory, the 5-in-1 generates ions, released into the skin, attracting dust, pollen, bacteria, and cosmetic residues out of the skin pores. The process makes the ions grow and become heavier, eventually neutralizing and settling down on the sheet of cotton. Iontophoresis penetration Iontophoresis is a technique using a small electric charge to deliver an ionized skincare nutrition through the skin. It is basically an injection without the needle and permeate nutrients to be conducted into skin pores. Face lifting and firming Clinical study shows that only 7% of the skin care products applied on the skin surface can be absorbed. The remaining is not only wasted, but also blocks the skin pores, causing blemishes, acne, black heads and tough skin surface. RUNVE Skin Rejuvenator (5-in-1) penetrates deep down with vibration at a million times per second. In Japan, it’s called painless injection. Research reported in the journals suggests that external application of an ultrasonic wave may temporarily widen the intracellular spaces of the skin’s outer barrier layer. When this is followed by application of Lifting / Firming / Whitening skin care products, the rejuvenating topical agent is actively “driven” into the skin with sonic waves. More effective lifting Step 1. Apply firming serum on device and face. Note: - Brand New but without box, I bought it from Taiwan on Mar 2017, remove the box for save the space for my luggage. - Regular Price: $200 - Selling this now for ONLY $100 - Item once sold is non refundable and non exchangeable. #jbrand, jbrandlovestory, flarelegjeans, flare, Levis, Levi's, Evisu, True Religion, Mango, MNG, Puma, Adidas, NMD, Duck Camo, olive green, UK5.5, XR1, Originals, Nike, New Balance, Asics, Puma, charles & keith, Prada, Coach, Chanel, Dior, Hermes, Miumiu, Louis Vuitton, MCM, Gucci, Plants vs Zombies, School Bag, Impact, WL574, G14034, Tsum Tsum, Disney, Winter Boots, faux leather, Boots, bootie, Lace-Up, Ankle Brogue Bootie, Melissa, FOX, spinner, spiderman, captain American, Rainbow, Colourful, wheel, peacock, green, sesame street, Hello Kitty, Long Sleeves, Short sleeves, Fidget Cube, Panda, kung fu, Back Bag, Lucky Baby, Vibe Travel, Little lady, sling bag, fuchsia pink, hayrer backpack, Back bag, Alligator, square hard bag, bedside LED, Denim, High Waist, Korean Fashion, Shorts, Flap Pockets, Zip Fly, Button Fly, Cotton On, Giordano, Print Graphic, White, Cap, Hat, Uniqlo, Heattech, Sweatshirts, Sweaters, H&M, ESPRIT, pet sitter, pet boarding, pet daycare, dog sitter, Dogs Boarding, Dogs Daycare, Dogs Sitter, Mocha of Love, Winter December, SHORT CONVERTIBLE, Jumper, Romper suit, Pull&Bear, Dorothy Perkins, Charles&Keith, BYSI, Pepper+, JOOP, Sixtiest, Purpur, Cotton On, Puzzle, Chuu Minus 5kg, Chuu -5kg, Isle, Honeywell, Air Cooler, RUNVE, skin rejuvenator



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