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YOOBAO 10,000mAh M4 Plus Powerbank / Power Bank / Portable Charger / Portable Battery Brand New In Box, comes with cable! 100% Original & Authentic (1 year warranty) YOOBAO Powerbanks are BEST-SELLING in China & Singapore! NEWEST MODEL! Model: M4 Plus (10k mAh) Specifications: DUAL INPUT: Lightning / Micro USB DC 5V/3A FOUR OUTPUT: 2 x DC 5V/2A Built-in battery capacities: 3.7V/10000mAh 74wh Battery Type: Li-polymer battery Fully Charge: 4-5 hours Working Temperature: -10°C to 45°C Standby times: >5000hrs Net Weight: 265g Size: 101*83*23mm Features: -Dual USB input (enables you to charge using lighting / micro-usb cable) -Four USB output (enables you to charge 4 devices at the same time!) -Lithium polymer battery makes power bank thinnest & lightest. -Compatible for any phone, tablet, iPhone, iPad, iPod, MP3, MP4, PSP, GPS, game device, camera and many more (just connect with your USB cable). -LED indicator with LCD display (display battery percentage, in / out charging status). -Intelligent voltage recognition chip automatically detects the voltage. -Built in battery protection IC to prevent over charging, over discharging and short circuit. Package Contents: 1 X Power Bank 1 X USB Charging Cable (Micro-USB) 1 X User Manual 1 X Packaging Box Colors available: White Instocks available, get yours now! I'm selling at $37 each! Deal via meet up, self collection or postage. Postage will cost additional $2. Proper packing! Will mail out in bubble wrap! Warranty: -1 year -1 to 1 exchange for battery DOA (Dead on Arrival) Bundle deal: Buy a velvet pouch with any power bank purchased for only $3! (Original price $5) PROMOTION: Buy any 3 power banks, and you'll receive: 1) FREE Pouch / PINENG Lightning / Micro-USB Speed & Data Charging Cable -Choice of either pouch / lightning / micro-USB cable -Cables are 100% Authentic from PINENG 2) FREE Delivery / SmartPac Mailing -Assured door-step delivery (enhanced efficiency) -Track & Trace (with easy online access, always know where your package is 24/7) Bulk Purchase: YOOBAO power banks are ideal for corporate gifts/events, VIP open house/launches, D&D gifts and more. Do contact me for indicative prices. I'm also selling 20,000mAh Yoobao Power Bank. Do check it out in my listings under my profile. Do PM me to discuss if you're interested, thank you :) More information on "How to identify real authentic YOOBAO products" are below. Please do read them :) Beware of Fakes!! How To Verify Genuine / Authentic YOOBAO Products: There is a unique serial code on the packaging. Each and every serial code is different! Step-by-step instructions as follows: 1. Check the verification sticker at the back side of the packaging. 2. Scratch the verification sticker grey color area. 3. Get the 20-numbers code. 4. Key in the verification code into the "security check" / "anti-fake check" on the official Yoobao Company website "". 5. See the verification result. -Genuine YOOBAO verification code are unique and with 20 numbers. (You are the first person check the code) -Fake YOOBAO products use same verification codes. (You are not the first person to check the code) -Some fake YOOBAO products used random codes, so the system may not be able to verify it since the code does not exist in the system. Things to take note when purchasing YOOBAO Power Banks: 1. Power Bank Body Cover Material -Genuine YOOBAO power bank body cover are made with high quality PC+ABS material. -Fake YOOBAO power bank cover are made with poor plastic. The cover is rough, with a bad hand feeling and power bank will be very hot while charging. 2. Warranty Period -Genuine YOOBAO power bank provides 1 year warranty. -Beware of sellers who are unable to provide 1 year warranty. 4. Questionable Price -If the selling prices are too cheap, you have reason to be suspicious that it is a fake product. Authentic YOOBAO power banks ensure Consistent Quality And Reliable Performance, and they are built with intelligent IC protection. 1) Overcharge Protection - Automatically cut off when device is fully charged. 2) Overvoltage Protection - Automatically detects different device voltage. 3) Overdischarge Protection - Automatically control battery discharge. 4) Circuit Protection - Prevent short circuit when power bank charging. 5) Battery Lock Protection- Lock power bank battery, avoid battery loss when power bank not in use. 6) Temperature Protection - Avoid power bank to be hot when charging. Fake, Unsafe, Poor, Counterfeit Products use poor material, unsafe battery and built without any IC protection. 1) Fakes don't have overcharge, overdischarge and overvoltage protection. It may harm your device. 2) Fakes use poor battery, fake capacity, provides less charging time. 3) Fakes have no battery lock protection; power bank will lose all battery in few days or weeks. 4) FAKE YOOBAO power bank may explode. Why risk it? Support Original YOOBAO products!

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