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BNIB Chanel BLANC INTENSIVE WHITENING SPOT TREATMENT - DAY AND NIGHT DUO Volume: 2 X 7ml RTP: SGD 134 *includes normal mail with bubble wrap The first chrono spot-treatment that acts according to skin's biological mechanisms, during the day versus the night. For reinforced whitening action to correct and prevent dark spots, each treatment of the duo works in sync with skin's rhythms: • The day treatment protects skin from external stressors which trigger hyperpigmentation, with an ultra-light texture. • The night treatment promotes skin's natural exfoliation process to erase melanin from the surface of the skin, with a moisturising texture. Specifically designed for CHANEL, the duo pens precisely target each dark spot, with a cooling ceramic applicator and flexible neck, to offer a sensorial experience and perfect functionality. Dark spots are erased, for a flawless, even complexion.

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