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Bought 5 of these awhile back when I was intending to do a penta-amped system for my main rig, which never came to fruition due to the usb dsp I was working on, never functioned as expected. Sold one of them already and took one out of its packaging for the attached photos the other 3 have never been powered on before. The marvellous sounding built in USB DAC functions with android USB OTG & windows. I do not have any apple products to test it with, however I should add that it was demoed to me on a mac. The sound over the bluetooth connection is unlike any bluetooth amp or speaker I have heard before and is eons ahead of any other bluetooth set up. This is a class AB amp rated 20Wpc into 8ohms and 30Wpc into 4ohms. The amp has heavy duty gold plated binding posts usually seen exclusively on amps many times its size and price. An amplifier designed and built in the United Kingdom comes by extremely rarely these days especially at my asking price. Time for the cliché phrase of : "my loss is your gain" but truer words have never been said... After reading the above, you must now be wondering why does this bugger want to sell an amp he holds in such high regard, well I can only tell you that I am running tube amps and mcintosh amplifiers for my actively bi-amped system. *3 pieces left! Grab them while I still have stock!!!* Tags: chord Chord CHORD chordette maxx amplifier bluetooth amplifier amp hifi HIFI england England mcintosh krell DAC dac jbl Jbl MBL mojo dave audio note mark levinson marantz