BNIB Disgaea D2 A Brighter Darkness Limited Edition (R3) for PS3


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Brand New Sealed Disgaea D2 Limited Edition Region 3 Original Retail Price : $139.90 Box contents PS3 Game: "Disgaea D2" - Japanese Text Only Original Soundtrack Material Collection Artbook Petite Figure Set: Etna and Flonne Game Description Laharl is back to celebrate his mother company Nippon Ichi's 20th anniversary, and the Disgaea Franchise's 10th anniversary. Chosen to to represent such a momentous occasion, the demon prince, his retainer and the fallen angel are going to make things ultra fun. When the last demon king died, everyone with ambition rises. To claim the throne, Laharl will join forces with anybody, including heroes, humans and androids. The original cast is back in D2 (Dimension 2) and the system is vastly upgraded. The game makers reviewed all the gameplay elements that makes Disgaea legendary, improves upon them and pile them into this new release. Come build a tower of characters to reach high places, and toss a Prinny onto your enemy's head. Meet at Bugis, Little India or Rochor MRT

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Bugis, Little India or Rochor MRT