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Travel size (1.2g). Color is #220 (Sheer Sin). If you request for a meet up, please read this carefully: ✓ I am punctual and I usually arrive early. If you're going to be slightly late (< 15 mins), please let me know and I can wait for you. If you're going to be later than this, I cannot wait for you. ✓ I've met some wonderful people in Carousell, but I had a bad experience with a buyer not showing up 30 minutes after the agreed time and not responding to my messages. She later blamed me for no-show because she didn't have mobile data that day and therefore couldn't reply to my messages. If you don't have mobile data in 2017, there's always WiFi or we could trade numbers and use good ol' SMS. Not everyone is like this but I'm putting it down here because I've experienced this and I don't want to repeat it. For mail: ✓ Top up postage fee. ✓ I will send out after payment is received.

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