BNIB Natural Pacific Perfect Facial Deep Cleansing Oil


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Natural Pacific Perfect Facial Deep Cleansing Oil Brand new in box ready stock 150ml Made in Korea Expiry in May 2018 Removes makeup and cleanse face easily Comes with a convenient pump Contains fermented Camelia Oil which protects and provides a sheen to your skin for a radiant and energetic complexion after cleansing With natural plant oils (e.g. Jojoba, Olive, Sunflower) to cleanse the skin without blocking pores all the while providing moisture to your skin. Comprises of Jasmine Extracts which work to provide a gentle scent and remove impurities without leaving an oily finish. Recommended for those: 1. Those with oily and combination skin who once believe cleansing oils did not suit them 2. Those with sensitive skin 3. Those with suffer from dry skin after cleansing 4. Those who are feel impurities haven't been cleansed from their skin well 5. Those with dull and tired skin even after cleansing Meet up in Sembawang or Yishun MRT station only No negos or trades please

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