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For ladies who love traveling, children, teenagers or adults alike This is a must bring for safety / self protection to alert surrounding people if you are being followed or confronted by molesters when you are alone. Hang it on your bag , pull chain to trigger up to 130db of shrill sound. Got 1 for each of my niece after a bad experience by 1 of them with a foreign worker in the Neighbourhood. 😓 Better to be safe than sorry. 🙂 Uses watch batteries which can be purchased easily from watch shops OR you have option to get them here at get them here at $0.50 per piece. Black bear 130db uses 5 batteries My melody 120db uses 3 batteries 3 designs available A) Black bear selling $13.90 (shown in pic) B) My melody selling $12.90, 3 to choose 1) My melody dark pink red bow 2) my melody dark pink blue bow (shown in pic) 3) my melody light pink pink bow C) the Not so kiddy looking ones shown in the 2nd pic is going for $11.90 each available only in baby pink or baby blue Check out my other related listing Not hello kitty twin stars tsum tsum

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