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About the Author Dr Ang Poon Liat is a paediatrician in practice for 45 years – with special interest in nutrition and its impact on childhood development, health, behavioural disorders and ageing. He is currently a consultant paediatrician in Thomson Paediatric Centre, which is part of Thomson Medical Centre, a hospital for women and children in Singapore. In addition, he has been running another two clinics – one for autism and the other for anti-ageing – for the past 20 years. Dr Ang received his basic MBBS degree from The University of Singapore, followed by a Master of Medicine in Paediatrics and a Doctorate in Medicine (MD). The depth and breadth of Dr Ang’s experience in clinical nutrition allows him to write with authority, about the impact of nutrition on health from the medical point-of-view. His first book, The Wonders of Nutrition, discusses how our genes and our dynamic bodies respond to food and lifestyle. He explains how optimal nutrition and a healing lifestyle can work wonders when they harmonise with our genetic programming. His second book, Roadmaps to Recovery, explains how correct and balanced nutrition plays pivotal role in healing chronic degenerative diseases. Dr Ang speaks the obvious and simple truth on nutrition, uncoloured by common beliefs and tradition. He speaks with the zeal so that people will notice. And while some of the information that he presents might seem unconventional or contradictory to common understanding, they are neither unknown nor unscientific. Dr Ang presses home the point that good health is not a given. Each one of us is responsible for our own health and wellbeing. By helping you to understand yourself and the food you eat, Dr Ang hopes these books will encourage you to take the necessary steps to recover your health and ensure the health of future generations. These two books are dedicated to mothers – because they hold the key to the health of future generations.

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