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Books 2 & 3 Girl Meets Ghost Series: The Harder the Fall / Ghost of a Chance By Lauren Barnholt


6 months ago by zoethan






Price: $6 each or $10 for a set of 2 books (price EXCLUDING postage) Condition: New 👉🏻 Do refer to my listings for more educational materials, books 📚, DVDS 📀, and everything else 👟🎒👚🎮🚂🤖! 😊 Description: - Book 2: Girl Meets Ghost -The Harder the Fall - Kendall Williams sees dead people, and really, it’s turned into a part-time job: She’s in the business of helping ghosts move on by resolving any remaining issues from when they were alive. This time around, she’s dealing with Lyra, who can’t quite figure out why she needs Kendall’s help. That leaves Kendall spending a lot of time with Lyra’s mum and brother - who seems to think Kendall wants to date him, when she so clearly likes Brandon! While dealing with her latest ghostly client problems, Kendall has to keep her best friend, Ellie, in the dark, as well as try to figure out why Brandon’s mother is still haunting her. Can Kendall sort it all out without losing her almost-boyfriend and her BFF? Or is this just one too many ghosts? - Book 3: Girl Meets Ghosts - Ghost of a Chance - Kendall Williams can see and speak to ghosts, which can get complicated... very complicated... like now. While helping a ghost, Kendall started hanging out with a boy, and now her own boyfriend and her best friend won’t talk to her anymore. On top of that, her dad is getting serious with his new girlfriend, and Kendall’s got to help the sister of her archenemy resolve her final issues. She just can’t take it anymore! So Kendall decides it’s time to go see the one person who might have answers, this one person she never really wanted to see again - the mother who abandoned her when she was a baby. Does her mum know the truth? Or are things about to get worse? SELF-COLLECTION at Cambridge Road / Pek Kio or Novena / Farrer Park MRT at selected timings (and weather permitting) ONLY. For those preferring to deal via mail, please kindly note that all price(s) quoted EXCLUDE(s) postage charges. Also, i will not be held responsible should items go missing while in transit (although it rarely happens). 😉

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jusay31911Great seller to deal with! Prompt delivery! Item more
2 months ago
zoethanu r most welcome! am glad you are happy with the purchase! ü
learnersGreat seller to deal with! Overall, a very more
2 months ago
zoethanthank you for the kind words! i enjoy the hassle free experience with you too! ü
msdeclutteringHappy to deal again after 3y! Tks seller for more
3 months ago
zoethanwah! its really been 3 years!!! thanks for re-browsing through my listings! its been a joy dealing with you! ü
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