Bose® Lifestyle® 35 Series IV DVD home entertainment system


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Bose® Lifestyle® 35 Series IV DVD home entertainment system Sold from 2007 - 2010 Introduction About your LIFESTYLE ® VS-2 video enhancer The LIFESTYLE ® VS-2 video enhancer allows you to connect more than one audio/video device to your LIFESTYLE ® home entertainment system. With this accessory installed, a single button press selects the source video and audio at the same time. Features and benefits •Incorporates HDMITM (High Definition Multimedia Interface) technology to help maximize your home theater experience. • Provides HDMI, component, S-Video, and composite video connections for your TV, cable/satellite box, VCR or other A/V input devices. • Converts video inputs to the highest quality video output supported by your TV. • Compatible with HDTV and progressive scan TV formats. How it fits into your LIFESTYLE system Video outputs from all your A/V devices, such as your cable/satellite box and VCR, connect to the VS-2, but the audio outputs from these devices connect to the media center. The VS-2 video output connects to your TV. When you select a source, such as your cable box (CBL-SAT), the media center selects the cable box audio and directs the VS-2 to pass the cable box video through to your TV. What's Included? Bose® Lifestyle® VS-2 Video Enhancer Media center Acoustimass module 4 Jewel Cube speakers with Wall Mount Brackets 1 Horizontal Ceneter Channel Speaker with Table Stand Remote control 5 speaker cables: 3 front speaker cables and 2 surround speaker cables 1588$ Price is Firmed. Thank you for viewing my item and have a great day. Contact me at 91855342

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