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All pedals are in fully working order. Prices are negotiable. 1) Cioks DC-10 Basically brand new haven't used. $OLD 2) Keeley 30-ms Double Tracker Reverb/Chrousy/Leslie kind of pedal that has a cool slapback effect. Really unique. $220 3) Analogman Chorus Mini One of the best chrous around. Deep, thick and lush. Boss MIJ ce2? Yeah not even close competition. $old 4) Hermida Dover Drive Very EJ like sounds, can get very close. Smooth thick leads and very very usable gain range. $220 5) Lovepedal OD11 One of the best bluesbreaker style OD's around. Great to get that nice blues/rock sound. $150 6) Wampler Plextortion Great fusion/rock OD tones. Really value for money. Super underrated pedal. $OLD 7) Tanabe Dumkudo Polished Box The legendary Dumkudo. 3 modes of pure rock and killer tones. Instant dumble-ish tones in a box. This is the rare polished box version $OLD 8) Providence Delay 80's One of the rarest delays around. Discontinued. Sounds like no other. Super hard to find. $600 9) Neunaber Immerse Reverberator One of the best reverbs. Super versatile and studio quality sounds. $OLD 10) Empress Tape Delay You know what it is. One of the best tape delays around. $OLD 11) Keeley Oxblood Really nice Klon style pedal. Has more options, more versatile, and very very nice clean boost. $OLD 12) BJFE Purple Humper This pedal, one of the best midboost pedals you'll ever find. Super rare and limited NOS parts. $650 13) Diamond Memory Lane Delay 2 Discontinued pedal with rare chip inside, this is the ultimate analog delay. Really nice haunting sounds! One of the best. $600 14) BJFE Bone Bender Bjorn's legendary take on a Tone Bender, only few ever made. This thing kicks ass and is one of the best Tone Bender pedals I've ever heard in my life. Extreme collectors item too. $650

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Can deliver from Malaysia atm. Will be in Singapore after April 12th.