Brand New DSTE Battery Charger for Sony Cyber-shot Cameras Battery NP-BX1 with Travel and Car Adapter


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Work for: - HDR-CX240 HDR-CX240E HDR-MV1 HDR-PJ240E HDR-PJ275 - DSC-RX1 DSC-RX10 II DSC-RX1B DSC-RX1R DSC-RX1R/B DSC-RX100 DSC-RX100/B - DSC-RX100 II DSC-RX100 III DSC-RX100 IV DSC-RX100M2 DSC-RX100M2/B DSC-RX100M3 - DSC-HX300 DSC-H400 DSC-HX400 DSC-HX50 DSC-HX50V/B DSC-HX50VB DSC-HX60 DSC-HX60V - DSC-WX300 DSC-WX300/B DSC-WX300/L DSC-WX300/R DSC-WX300/T DSC-WX300/W DSC-WX350 - HDR-AS15 HDR-AS15B HDR-AS15S HDR-AS100V HDR-AS100VR HDR-AS20 HDR-AS30V HDR-AS10 - HDR-GW66 HDR-GW66V HDR-GW66VE HDR-GWP88 HDR-GWP88V HDR-GWP88VB HDR-GWP88VE Note: Does not come with packaging box. Meet up at any MRT stations along North East Line (Purple Line). Do give me 1 day in advance notice. Interested buyers, pls sms me at 96644722. Thanks for viewing.