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Recommended for kids 2-4. The workbook Right Brain Training is part of the BrainStorm series. It consists 60 colorful pages. This book hones in on developing visual and spatial recognition abilities, creative skills and language interpretation. The activities included in this book are engaging and interactive, allowing children to draw and color directly in the book. The other three books of the series is geared towards developing other specific aspects of your child’s brain and intellectual capacities. When using these workbooks, we suggest that teachers or parents read aloud the questions and encourage the child to explain his or her reasoning for each answer. Teachers and parents should also lead the child to think beyond the question and to consider how the answers would change accordingly if the questions were altered slightly. Before the age of 5, children are most susceptible to learning because their brains are growing and developing rapidly. Early educational experiences are vital to every child's life, and we at Pi For Kids Inc. aspire to play a role in this journey that all children must take.

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