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THIS IS IN STOCK ITEM $12/= Brand New Japan Colour Hair Wax Green Washable Hair Dye Wax Green colour Product Description : Why choose Silver Ash Wax Temporary Color Hair Dye Wax ? ★ Must be easy to dye and style. Can be use with hair dryer to style hair. ★ Rich color and long lasting dye ★ Easy washable without need for special hair shampoo. Water based dye and Soluable means it do not contain heavy metal dye paint. ★ Simple rinse and massage hair under running water. ★ Unregulated brand and products are inferior and may contain harmful ingredients and corrosive heavy metal dye colour which are harmful to hair and skin. ★ Authentic Silver hair wax from Japan are harmless and do not cause stimulation to hair and skin, part of the hair mud formulation. Non-corrosive, wax sludge form, mild without irritating stimulation. Easy to color, easy to wash . Normal mail $3.00 (Normal mail at own risk) Registered mail add on SGD 4.00 Not liable for lost or damaged mail No refund & exchanged Only Self-Collection @ Sembawang MRT Station or to my convenience. You can do a bank transfer to POSB Savings 278089452 with 100% deposit. I will only take in order once receipt of funds is confirmed.