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Retail price: $140 Selling price: $100 (Brand new, seal still intact) Price is negotiable, further discounts if both bodyscrub and body butter ( ) are purchased - Salt from the Deadsea - All natural ingredients (Vitamins, essential oils and plant extracts) - Hydrates, encourages skin regeneration and improves skin texture - Gentle yet cleansing scrub suitable for sensitive skin (not for infants) - "Kiwi & Mango" sweet and relaxing aroma - salt can be easily rinsed with water and will not clog the drain - Sales representative advised to use the scrub 2-3 times a week (one 450grams jar will last a year with continual usage), Expiry date on container June 2019

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Buona Vista Singapore, Singapore

Meet up only Anywhere, anytime (preferably in the city area or West)