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5500mg of collagen. 1 tin = $36 = 35-day serving Reverse Aging of skin, bustline and hair with the use of Nano type 3 Collagen Everyday. Experience natural skin whitening, bustline lifting and hair/ scalp strengthening. Upsize volume 35-days. No artificial coloring nor flavoring. 100% Made In Japan. KEY BENEFITS: - Natural skin whitening/ reduces pigmentation/ acne - Facial skin tightening and lifting - Reduces wrinkles/ fine lines - Bustline lifting - Hair/ scalp strengthening (prevents hair fall) - Also beneficial for sensitive skin, joint pain. KEY INGREDIENTS: Collagen Peptide (Type III), Elastin Peptide, Hyaluron, Kaneka CoQ10, Biotin, , Vitamin C, Hatomugi Pearl Coix Extract (Phytoceramide), Skim Milk Extract of Lactic Acid Bacteria (Probiotics), Terahalose. HOW TO CONSUME: Add 1-scoop (scoop FREE included) of NANO Collagen into any of your favorite beverage such as coffee, tea, fruit juice. Stir evenly and enjoy. FOR OPTIMAL RESULTS: Drink in the morning with/ after breakfast. Drink daily. ACCREDITATION: Japan JHNFA GMP, ISO9000, JFRL-lab tested, AVA-lab tested. HALAL-certified. VOLUME: 245g for 35-day servings STORAGE: Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place. Avoid direct sunlight. Replace lid well after each use. Product need to finish consuming within 2-months upon first opening. Otherwise, refrigeration is advised. Strictly no moistened handling. Meiji kinohimitsu neocell

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