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Brand new in original wrapper For more details, visit Awarded the prestigious SingaPlural 2016 Recognition. It's HERE finally! Featuring our Tee-Saurus OFFICE BUDDY sketchpads! Packed with TEN super badass Singlish messages. Support local Singaporean designer and brand products! Designed and made in Singapore for Singaporeans. Conceptualised with the Singapore language (Singlish), Tee-Saurus aims to make your work days filled with so many Singapore styled patterns that is more than badminton! 1) VERY BEESY 2) ON LEAVE 3) ON MC 4) ON SITE 5) ON COURSE 6) OUT FOR LUNCH 7) MEETING 8) SMOKE BREAK 9) I'LL BE BACK 10) !@#&%*^$ Why report to your seniors when you have this self update Tee-Saurus Singlish sketchpad! Truly your best Office Buddy! Your days would never be the same again!

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