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Brand new Tourandor china tyres


AL Tyres Cooperation





Anybody looking for cheap china tyres ? We hereby introducing our house brand Tourandor tyres with Europe Land transport Authority compliances certify . Rest assured you are getting the best quality china tyres in singapore ! Is available now at both branches 84181000 150c paya lebar road 84186000 39 woodland close Call or pm to chk prices thanks Below are the sizes available for our house brand Tourador china tyres 😅 Now you can check to see if your sizes available in stocks . SIZE 155R12C LongWay ZT901 195R15C LongWay ZT501 195/70R15C LongWay ZT701 215/70R16C LongWay ZT701 215/75R16C LongWay ZT701 205R16C LongWay ZT701 175/65/14 Tourador TH2 82H 175/70/14 Tourador TH2 84T 185/60/14 Tourador TH2 82H 185/55/15 Tourador TH2 82V 185/60/15 Tourador TH2 84H 185/65/15 Tourador TH2 88H 195/50/15 Tourador TH1 82V 195/55/15 Tourador TH1 85V 195/60/15 Tourador TH2 88V 195/65/15 Tourador TH2 91H 195/55/16 Tourador TH1 87H 205/45/16 Tourador TU1 87W XL 205/50/16 Tourador TH1 87W 205/55/16 Tourador TH1 91V 205/60/16 Tourador TH1 92H 215/45/16 Tourador TU1 90V XL 215/60/16 Tourador TH1 95H 215/65/16 Tourador TH1 98H 215/60/17 Tourador TH1 96H 235/45/17 Tourador TU1 97W XL 225/50/18 Tourador TU1 95W 235/50/18 Tourador TU1 101Y XL 245/35/18 Tourador TU1 92Y XL 255/35/18 Tourador TU1 94Y XL 255/55/18 Tourador TU1 109Y XL 265/35/18 Tourador TU1 97W XL 225/35/19 Tourador TU1 88W XL 225/40/19 Tourador TU1 93Y XL 235/35/19 Tourador TU1 91W XL 235/40/19 Tourador TU1 96Y XL 255/35/19 Tourador TU1 96W XL 265/30/19 Tourador TU1 93Y XL 275/35/19 Tourador TU1 100Y XL 245/35/20 Tourador TU1 95W XL 245/40/20 Tourador TU1 99Y XL 275/40/20 Tourador TU1 106Y XL

1 month ago In Tyres & Rims

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