Braun Silk-Expert IPL BD5001 Hair Remover (free Braun Hair Dryer)


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Retail price: $599 (If purchase before 30 Jul, free a Braun hair dryer) Get the Braun Silk-Expert IPL BD5001 for a permanent visible hair removal. Key Features Up to 15 years of full body treatments or 35 years if used on lower legs, bikini, face, and underarms. The unique SensoAdapt skin tone sensor continuously reads your skin tone – 80x per second – and automatically adapts the light intensity for best efficacy and safety. For a fast and efficient IPL treatment, use gliding mode to trigger more flashes and fewer missed areas. Braun Silk-expert IPL provides fast treatments suitable for large body parts such as legs or arms. Customize your treatment: Normal, gentle or extra gentle mode. Braun Silk-expert IPL is clinically tested for safe and effective use at home.