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Brembo 18z 365mm rotors with SSBH for BMW F10 only


1 month ago by goosebumpsss








*Pls take sometime to read* FOR BMW F10 ONLY PRICE NETT :) CASH AND CARRY NO SWAP It is painful to haggle on the price, especially more so with pple in the same community. So pls have mercy and do not haggle on the price further. Do not tell me something that i already know just so u could lowball me. Its really painful and embarrassing knowing we are from the same community. My price has already taken into consideration the following: 1. Rotors need replacement. 2. Pad MAYBE. Im unsure. So lets just assume it worn too. If there are substantial life left, then it is a bonus to u. 3. Authenticity of the brakes. - i bought this bbk used in July 2018. The previous owner told me he got it brand new from my brake shop. I purchased it based on trust and did not check with my brakeshop then. Just few weeks ago, i sent the photo of this bbk to ‘braking point’ to check if he has replacement rotors. One look at the bell design he also mentioned that this set originated from my brakeshop. So to ans ur qns if it is authentic or not, it depends on whether my brakeshop sells authentic brembos or otherwise. So pls do not come and say pads rotors need replacement dont know original or not etc etc. i will just tell u pls dont buy and go buy new. I am being upfront so we don’t waste each other’s time. So pls only msg me if u are agreeable with the price and condition. RFS is im not so sure if im willing to spend on the rotors as i do not know if i am keeping the car. Thank u :)

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ryan83Great seller to deal with! Prompt delivery! Item more
5 months ago
stephanvuHe posted the stuff but after that never gave more
5 months ago
goosebumpsssWhat an arse. Sms u countless times u piece of lying shit. And u only respond after a few days over here u useless crap. Get a life u pathetic low lifer.
cal.nGreat seller to deal with! Thanks again!
6 months ago