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Bridgestone Alenza


South East Tyre Co





Complement your SUV with ALENZA 001 tyre to bring out the best in your dynamic driving experience. It is exclusively engineered for SUVs to maximise the handling performance potential on both wet and dry roads during city driving with confidence and comfort. No matter the journey, ALENZA 001 is designed for power and pleasure. FEATURES MULTI-ROUND BLOCK STRUCTURE New multi-round block structure delivers instant steering response, straight-line stability, excellent wet handling and enhances wet braking. By optimising the roundness at the edge of the tyre rib, it causes the contact pressure to rise, resulting in better grip performance. CHAMFERING Rounding the tyre block's end section prevents the tyre edges from curving inwards while braking. The tyre will have more flat contact with the road, resulting in better braking performance. 3D-M SHAPED SIPE 3D-M shaped small grooved are created midway through the cross-section of the tyre. This new tyre compound and special pattern design eliminate irregular wear by reducing the movement of tyre tread and gives the tyre 11% longer tyre life as compared to other Bridgestone’s SUV tyres. Available in the following sizes: 215/60R17 96H 215/65R16 98H 225/45R19 92W 225/55R17 97W 225/55R18 98V 225/55R19 99V 225/60R17 99V 225/60R18 100H 225/65R17 102H 235/50R18 97V 235/50R19 99V 235/55R17 99V 235/55R18 100V 235/55R18 XL 104V 235/55R19 101W 235/55R20 102V 235/60R16 100H 235/60R18 103W 235/65R17 XL 108V 235/65R18 106V 245/45R19 XL 102V 245/45R20 99V 255/40R20 XL 101W 255/45R20 101W 255/50R19 XL 107Y 255/50R20 XL 109V 255/55R18 XL 109Y 255/55R19 XL 111W 255/55R20 XL 110Y 255/60R18 XL 112V 265/35R22 XL 102W 265/45R20 104Y 265/45R21 104W 265/50R19 XL 110Y 265/60R18 110V 265/70ZR17 113H 275/40R20 XL 106Y 275/40R21 XL 107W 275/45R20 XL 110Y 275/50R20 109W 275/50R22 111H 285/35R22 XL 106W 285/45R19 XL 111W 285/45R22 110H 285/65R17 116V 295/40R20 XL 110Y 295/45R20 XL 114W 315/35R20 XL 110Y

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2019 Nov

great seller, fast communication, not pushy, have patient to explain to you. unlike k**h** tyre push u by fear and keep asking u to do alignment. most important is great price n service. will definitely deal with them and recommend my friend. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼