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I'm seeking to let go this one and only in the world antique statue to genuine antique collector and or seller with athirst interest to collect for personal collection and as paramount, profit from it. For personal reason to raise fund, I'm more than enthused and genial to let go at wholesale price as stated (full refund with compensation if you can find another exactly statue with a lower price) and you can sell it with a R.O.I of a minimum​ of 200% region: net profit of $20,000. For interested buyer, simply SMS Antique and Your Good Name to 85560440 and I will be I touch with you soonest possible to arrange for viewing / checking of the statue. Do note that only serious buyer will be serviced, with jubilant anticipation.

Deal Options



Do kindly visit my storing retail located at Golden Mile Tower for viewing and a genuine verification of the statue.

Mailing or Delivery

Delivery will be provided and cost of more than $200 will be absorbed by me as it is so heavy that it will need at least two to three person to carry.